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La nostra Storia

TESSITURA LANDINI was founded in 1950 by the owner of the same name Francesco, who first had the intuition to use new fabrics manufactured with high tenacity yarns for the production of polishing discs and buffs.

Between 1960 and 1970 Tessitura Landini invested in its plant by introducing innovative textile machines. In the meantime, the market for polishing tools changed and the request for polishing discs with a ventilated profile (airwaves) to be used on automatic machines grew.

Today the textile tradition continues.

Our new plants allow us to produce special fabrics, manufacture complex polishing wheels also with registered patent.

The customer portfolio is diversified by sector, size and geographical area. 

Tessitura Landini is a reliable supplier and partner also for international customers.


A rigorous assessment of suppliers and the building of strong relationships has allowed Tessitura Landini to guarantee a high quality standard in the raw materials used for the production of polishing buffs providing to the customer a high quality product.

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