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Le caratteristiche tecniche di un disco di pulitura dipendo da tre parametri fondamentali:

  • Textile quality and type

  • Buff type and manufacturing process (ventilated, corrugated, pleated, full disk, macro)

  • Fabric treatment

Fabric Treatments may be applied to fabrics (mill treatment) or to the buff after manufacturing (dip treatment).

Polishing Buff fabrics may be hardened and stiffened to promote faster cutting, softened for additional flexibility  strengthened for longer buff life. There are also technical treatments to prevent burning due to high temperatures and high rotting speed (flame and fireproof).

Below some of our special mill treatment

mill treatment polishing buff

Buff fabrics may also be treated with a dip treatment to provide superior technical features. 

Treatments must be applied evenly and uniformly to avoid creating hard spots that cause uneven buffing.

Polishing buffs with dip treatment are centrifuged and thermofixed in polymerization ovens at temperatures higher than those exerted by rolling frictions during cleaning cycles, thus avoiding structural changes to the wheels, to obtain a perfect balance and a high yield of the product.

dip treatment polishing buffs
dip treatment charts polishing buffs
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